Amazing bokeh with a 500mm lens.

A Royal Pose

This is another shot from my recent photo shoot. I’m still busy developing all the colour shots, but thought I’d post this one – a personal favourite of mine – in the meantime. There’s something in her pose and bearing that makes me think of royalty.

This is the same model as in my Simple Nude.

Date: September 23, 2010
Author: Diaan Mynhardt
Medium: Digital
Camera: Canon 5D Mk II
Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm 1:4
Location: A crazy house in Aucland Park
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3 Responses to “A Royal Pose”

  1. I think this is my favourite photo of yours so far. A really beautiful and respectful portrait.

  2. Very nice… but where did you get the snake? Can you hire those?

  3. One of the people who stays at the house where we did the shoot had the snake, so we thought it would be cool to try it out. Kinda worked. :)