The Sound of Science (With lyrics)

I was alerted to the existence of this beautiful song that Benjjuk uploaded to Youtbue by Lenny. *hat tip*


Hello Darwin my old friend
I’ve come to read from you again
you comfort me when I grow weary
of people saying “it’s just a theory”
Because a theory is a system of abstractions
In our finite minds
Of laws behind
The things we find
With science

And on the internet i saw
A billion people, maybe more
People clinging to old delusions
People jumping to conclusions
People holding superstitions that are obviously quite absurd
Who’d never heard
A single word
Of science

How do you think a doctor knows
How a disease like cancer grows?
How did we learn how me might treat it?
How do you think one day we might beat it?
It won’t be by taking sugar pills
Or standing on one leg for hours
While eating flowers
But through the power
Of science

If you have answers and you’re sure
They’re better than what came before
Make your hypothesis and test it
Take the results you’ve collected
Then you write them in a paper
And submit it for peer review
That’s what we do
To check it’s truly science

And the people stood and prayed
They said “our faith cannot be swayed”
They have their views and they won’t move them
They have their truths and they won’t prove them
They’ll take the words of the prophets
Over fossils that were really found
Beneath the ground
They don’t like the sound
Of science

Date: October 5, 2010
Author: Diaan Mynhardt
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3 Responses to “The Sound of Science (With lyrics)”

  1. Lenny says:

    The guy who came up with this lyrics “benjjuk” is a genius…

  2. Ruan says:

    Awesome lyrics and perfect song.