Sharp Wing
Twisted body, strange lighting.


When I first spotted these wings I just knew I had to photograph them. I didn’t know Reinet at the time, but risked her telling me where to stuff my camera by contacting her out of the blue. She was immediately sold on the idea and we got together for the shoot.

I had just finished some experiments with lighting, using a mannequin and an improvised strip light, and was quite keen to use my new found knowledge during this shoot. The resulting photos turned out more beautiful than I ever imagined.

These first two photos were shot with a single light source. I think the sharp edges this created are wonderful, and the visible ridges made by the tattoo scars are an aspect of tattoos that we almost never see in other types of light.

The next photo was shot with two light sources placed to the side and slightly behind Reinet, although out of view of the camera. The shadows are quite sharp, nicely accentuating the spine.

For this shot I moved the left hand side light to the front of Reinet to soften the shadows a bit more.

Date: January 17, 2011
Author: Diaan Mynhardt
Medium: Digital
Camera: Canon 5D Mk II
Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm 1:4
Location: 601
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  1. I love wings — I want wings; I love wings; I want wings;