Hands against glass

Martini Outlines

As an experiment with my two new strip-lights (very long and narrow soft-boxes) I decided to see how they reflect on glass. To this end I decided to use a coloured Martini glass, and placed the lights to the sides of the glass. To get the reflections as close to the edge of the glass as possible I had to place the lights slightly behind the glass.

While working on this image on my computer I discovered that I had a photo of the above glass’ orange twin, so I include it below.

Date: March 7, 2011
Author: Diaan Mynhardt
Medium: Digital
Camera: Canon 5D Mk II
Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm 1:4
Location: 601
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2 Responses to “Martini Outlines”

  1. Very interesting…wish I had the patience for all these experiments

  2. Kieka says:

    The perfect symmetry of the top picture really appeals to me as a mathematician, and the colour contrast combined with the sharp edges is amazing too.